Professional Treatment Centre for Addiction






We offer professional ​in-patient treatment for addiction in a safe, caring and healing environment.


Pastoral Services

Relevant topics in our weekly pastoral groups presented by a diverse pastoral team and speakers.

Pastoral counselling is one of the services that are unique to Elim Clinic.

Our pastoral team integrate modern psychological thought and method with traditional religious training in an effort to address psychospiritual issues as part of the patient’s recovery journey.

During the patient’s stay with us, they are allocated a pastoral counsellor who will do a spiritual assessment; Introduce/ re-introduce patient to concept of spirituality and illustrate the benefits of the spiritual fulfilment in line with their recovery.

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Meet the Team

Elim Clinic follows a holistic treatment approach.

Our multi-disciplinary treatment team consists of medical doctors, professional nurses, therapists (social workers, a visiting psychiatrist and pastoral counsellors). To ensure that patients with special needs are also catered for during their  stay at the Clinic, we have also partnered with a network of professionals such as physiotherapists and dieticians.

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Treatment at Elim Clinic is paid for by most medical aid schemes. ​Please contact us if you are struggling to get authorisation from your medical aid scheme or insurer.