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Elim Clinic is a professional treatment facility for substance abuse and behavioural addictions.

The Clinic which is situated in Kempton Park, renders in-patient treatment services in a safe and caring environment.

The fact that Elim Clinic has been around since 1958 and still is one of the most sought after rehabilitation facilities in South Africa, is evidence of sound clinical knowledge, skill and experience. To ensure that our treatment program remains dynamic and progressive, we keep track of local and international research within the field of addiction treatment.

Treatment Approach

Elim Clinic provides in-patient treatment for people who are eighteen years and older and have challenges with alcohol, drugs, medication (prescription and over the counter), gambling, sex, pornography and technological devices.

Although addiction is a progressive, chronic, relapse-prone and potentially fatal condition, it has been scientifically proven that it cannot be cured but, can be treated successfully. Lifelong sobriety is possible for those who are equipped with the skills they need to maintain their recovery process.

Elim Clinic follows a holistic treatment approach. Addiction treatment is a very specialised field and needs specialised professionals to manage the treatment of patients. Our multi-disciplinary treatment team consists of medical doctors, professional nurses, therapists (social workers, a visiting psychiatrist and pastoral counsellors). To ensure that patients with special needs are also catered for during their  stay at the Clinic, we have also partnered with a network of professionals such as physiotherapists and dieticians.

Due to the devastating effect that addiction has on all aspects of an addict’s life, we recommend that recovery be implemented at all levels of functioning. Our professional team is fully equipped to facilitate treatment on all these levels. During treatment our team focuses on each patient’s physical, emotional, psycho-social and spiritual functioning, and provides assistance according to their needs.

Recovery from any form of addiction is a process. By taking one step at a time, one day at a time, one is able to recover and live a meaningful and fulfilled life.



We are dynamic professionals who lead with accountability in the field of addiction to innovatively deliver an exceptional service that positively impacts lives.


We restore quality to people’s lives through a holistic approach, valuing personal needs, creating a delightful experience.


Christianity is the core of Elim Clinic

Elim Clinic ensures service excellence at every point of contact

We take pride in delivering a service with integrity

We treat people with dignity and respect

Elim Clinic sustains transparency


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