pastoral counselling

Our pastoral counselling is facilitated by three well qualified counsellors.

Amanda Richter

Studied Psychology, Biblical & Religious studies and Pastoral Counselling at the University of Pretoria. Specialises in assisting individuals with challenges relating to bereavement, addiction, HIV and Aids.

Lovemore Mabena

Author of an inspirational and motivation book “With God in Our Wilderness” and well known throughout Southern Africa for his passion for working with people who are struggling with addiction, marginalized society and faith communities.

Natascha Gips

Qualified pastor who was involved in prison ministry for over a decade and worked with street kids in Egypt. Her highest title, she believes, is daughter of God.

Her life statement is: God above all

Our Pastoral Services entail:

Group and individual pastoral sessions

Morning devotions

Pastoral support group

Sharing experiences and stories of encouragement with recovering addicts

We also have a special candle lighting ceremony for those who are celebrating milestones in their sobriety.

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