Debra & Carel Pretorius

10 September 2017

This coming Sunday my husband celebrates 14 Years of sobriety, an incredible journey.

My husband, I salute you.

In 28 years of marriage the last 14 years was the best years with a fantastic sober husband.

There has been many challenges - We still have to go through losses we lost our parents etc…..

In good and bad it’s all about the choices you make in life and keeping the balance.

Taking responsibility for yourself.

Being true to yourself

The balance in our life has most certainly been God.

Thanks to His unconditional love and leading us every day- He accepted us and gave us new hope. He made a new creations with new beginnings. In all these years, not once has He forsaken us, we can feel his presence in our life’s everyday.

Elim “you are part of God’s plan. An institution to give new hope and sense of direction

You make a difference in so many lives.

May God bless Elim Clinic

A special thanks to our therapist Adri Dreyer & Susan Van Niekerk.

A message to all at Elim, with an addiction –

You do matter, You deserve another change in life, Take responsibility, Accept God in your live, Make good choices for yourself. Get inner peace and embrace life.

Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us. Only in the darkness can you see the stars .When you have lost hope, you have lost everything. And when you think all is lost, when all is dire and bleak, there is always hope.

Bez Buizedenhout

30 August 2017

When I thought all is gone, my life in pieces, I decided to book into "THIS PLACE CALLED ELIM".

What a life changing experience! The presence of GOD at Elim was evident from the start.

Within two weeks, after an initial struggle, I got serious about the rehab program and accepted GOD as my Saviour and decided to put HIM at the centre of my life.

It may sound strange for some, I actually miss many of the moments I spend at the Clinic, especially the special times I spend in the "lovely" Chapel, where I met GOD personally and made him part of my life. The times and chats with other patients, Greg, Dominique, Ivan, only to name a few.

Len, who is the first face you see when you enter, what a GREAT and INSPIRING person. He is of such a value to the clinic and I really took to heart what we discussed and would remember this forever!

So what else..... I was discharged from Elim on 19 June 2017 and I am a totally changed person. I feel cured in all ways (although still in recovery), and will never look back at the terrible life I had lived!!!

MY love in my life, Belinda and I, are getting married on 30 September 2017. Looking forward to spend the rest of my life with her, in harmony with GOD as our Shepard!

Thanks LENA! the BMW and Lapa are fixed again, BUT THE BEST OF ALL, I am whole again!!

The Nursing staff must also be commended, great personalities and professionalism!

Would recommend ELIM to everyone who is in a similar situation that I had been in, don't give up.....take responsibility and the decision to get help, it is really worth it!

Believe me, there is really sooooo much to live for!!

Thanks and well done ELIM and it's staff!

Walter Koto

14 August 2017

The program helped me a lot that I'm using the skills i got from elim on a daily basis. Special thanks to Una Moyo one of the best therapists at Elim.


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